Past incidents

Recipient / Settings / Authentication / SMS

Do not rely on the pre-filled phone before saving, because the phone will changed

To avoid this problem, please follow these steps

- Select the country

- type in the phone

- Save

- Check again


Impacted service(s): Signature OneSpan

Microsoft Bookings as showed instability from the past week. 

Users might notice issues with language or layout of the reservations done by Bookings. The issue doesn't affect the major workability of the tool.

The case is already under investigation with Microsoft Support.

Impacted service(s): Office 365

If you are getting a never ending loading screen on clicking "Browse" when trying to import an illustration, try the following workaround : open the Illustration tool first, return to the general Webi tab and then open DSign. This is a known random issue, our teams are working on resolving it.

Impacted service(s): Proposition électronique DSign

You may have noticed MER change discrepancies on the platform. The vendor is working on correcting these.

Impacted service(s): Investorcom