Past incidents

You may have noticed that the ShelfMonitor Alerts did not arrive in your inbox on May 29th. We are working with InvestorCom for a fix for this issue and plan to have it repaired by Wednesday evening, with alerts sent out by Thursday morning at the latest.

This issue does not impact the ShelfMonitor tool itself; updates are still available for review on the platform.

Impacted service(s): Investorcom


Users may be unable to send emails to recipients within their contact list using Outlook on the web.

When affected users select a contact list as the recipient from ‘My Contacts', the following error message appears, and the email cannot be sent: ‘This message can't be sent right now. Please try again later’.

Microsoft is on analyze of Outlook on the web server logs to isolate the root cause and establish a fix.

Impacted service(s): Office 365

The Fusion window is closing automatically when opening the app. For any business matter, please contact customer support at 1 877 647-5435 (9 for english, option 2 then option 2)

Impacted service(s):

If you are getting a never ending loading screen on clicking "Browse" when trying to import an illustration, try the following workaround : open the Illustration tool first, return to the general Webi tab and then open DSign. This is a known random issue, our teams are working on resolving it.

Impacted service(s): Proposition électronique DSign

Error message " a refusé la connexion." obtained when trying to open a document. Our teams are working on resolving the issue as soon as possible.


Impacted service(s): Documents Clients

Our desktop and mobile management platform is currently unstable. The source of the issue is currently being analyse by the vendor.


Various impact can occurs. The Windows and mobiles devices (Apple and Android) are affected.


If you think you are impacted by this incident, do not hesitate to contact our support team. 


Impacted service(s): Appareil Professionnel

Microsoft as issued a patch for this vulnerability. This patch has been deployed on all the endpoints managed by Merchandising-Technology. The vulnerability is now mitigated. The Show reminder option is now re-enabled. A reboot of your device might be required to see the option re-enabled.



Microsoft Threat Intelligence discovered a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook for Windows that allows credentials theft. 

All supported versions of Microsoft Outlook for Windows are affected. Other versions of Microsoft Outlook such as Android, iOS, Mac, Outlook Web and others M365 services are not affected.

All users of Microsoft Outlook for Windows should apply the latest udpates. 


For the devices managed by Merchandising-Technology, the Show reminder option in Outlook will be disabled until the security vulnerability has been patched.

Impacted service(s): Office 365

Some security products can trigger falsely positive alerts on the Webi platform. In most cases, the following link has a great success rate to counter the problem:

After analysis, it is recommended that you contact your security services provider if the website is still blocked.


Impacted service(s): Webi

Please be advised that InvestorCOM is currently experiencing service availability issues, it is currently not possible to process Recommendations and Disclosures through PeerCompare. The vendor is taking necessary steps to resolve the situation soon as possible.

Impacted service(s): Investorcom

You may have noticed MER change discrepancies on the platform. The vendor is working on correcting these.

Impacted service(s): Investorcom

A PDF document viewing issue is being investigated

Problem: When these are completed and then added in OneSpan, their content does not appear when viewing.


Here is a workaround:

  1. Downoad the document that needs to go into the OneSpan signing ceremony
  2. Open the document
  3. Print it to PDF via Microsoft PDF printing
  4. Validate that the new document created respects the original
  5. Start the signing ceremony with the new document
Impacted service(s): Signature OneSpan