Past incidents

Wealthserv and Bluesun's provider, iPipeline, is actively working with multiple teams to resolve the issue.

We expect this to be resolved this morning.


**Updated 11:34 - Wealthserv and Bluesun are now Operational**

Impacted service(s):

Documents could be unavailable.

Impacted service(s):

Due to the current global Microsoft outage, Microsoft services may be disrupted and unavailable.


Impacted service(s):

Users with Microsoft Teams Premium license are experiencing issues when sending SMS reminders for Bookings. 

The issue is related to Microsoft Bookings Server and is under investidation. 

Impacted service(s): Office 365

The website has been blocked because of security issues with news articles linking to phishing website. While we are revieweing the situation the website will be blocked.

Some Microsoft news services could be impacted by this.

Impacted service(s): Appareil Professionnel